In order to enable hospitals and rehabilitation-clinics to help themselves and to protect the planet, KLIK green offers free of charge qualifications. Clinical professionals from different departments are trained to become climate managers on behalf of their institutions. The trained staff will be accompanied by project partners throughout the entire project. First and foremost, the prospective climate managers set concrete climate protection targets. Second, they need to win the management´s and colleague’s support for KLIK green. And third, the climate managers plan as well as implement climate protection measures.

The chosen practical approach of those measures is to concentrate on either low-expenditure or even non-investment-measures, such as:

  • changing the standard illumination to LED-luminaires,
  • special conditions for e-bike leasing for employees,
  • utilization of rainwater for the irrigation of green areas,
  • intranet publishing of tips on how to save energy,
  • automatic pc-logout after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Moreover, the hospitals and rehabilitation-clinics are encouraged to plan climate protection investments. The project supports the investment approach by providing guidance through public and private funding opportunities relevant to health institutions. In many facilities, climate action in the form of lowering consumption does not take place, because the needed funds are not available. Climate protection is also a question of money. If clinics are put in the position to raise money themselves, they could realize the following helpful measures:

  • conversion of the entire vehicle fleet to modern vehicles holding a green label,
  • natural lighting through the installation of atriums,
  • installation of a combined heat and power plant for electricity and heat generation,
  • installation of a building management system that serves as a basis for the energy, management
  • use of motion detectors for lighting and ventilation control. 

Irrespective of whether investments are made or not: Taking climate protection measures quickly shows results. Energy savings alone can reduce operative costs for hospitals by up to ten percent.