Data and Networks

Further examples of possible climate protection activities, efficient in the context of hospitals and rehabilitation-clinics, can be accessed for free in the KLIK green database.

The database includes a search function as well as a filter option according to categories such as energy, waste management, water supply, ecological construction and more. It is continuously updated by clinics and the project team.

The project also promotes the exchange between participating institutions. At the beginning, the climate managers join a project-specific intranet to access useful references, information on funding opportunities, project documents and environmental educational material. The so-called “KLIK-Tool” helps the project team to optimally accompany the climate managers throughout the project. Participating institutions ought to act as a network and tackle climate protection as a shared responsibility. 

Ultimately, the growth of the network with regard to region, clinic kind and clinic size can be tracked on an interactive map available on the project website. Just like the KLIK green database, it is continuously updated and illustrates the acquisition progress of KLIK green. The hospitals and rehabilitation-clinics active on behalf of KLIK green are marked with a light green icon. On the contrary, the 50 institutions that successfully participated in the previous project KLIK are displayed with dark green icons.