The German comedian, activist and physician Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen serves as the patron of the KLIK green project. He frequently informs about the influence clinic staff could exert upon the climate- and health politics. For KLIK green he provided a video and welcoming speech. In this interview with Germany´s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle  he informs about his general philosophy and work outside of KLIK green in English language.

In terms of climate protection, he often states that “healthy people only exist on a healthy planet”. He points out that humor is a method to face serious problems. With climate change being one of most serious problems of our times he emphasizes that climate protection is not a sacrifice, but a gain. And it is supposed to bring fun – to society just like to clinics. Mr. Hischhausen encourages clinics to use their social quality and to serve as ambassador for climate protection.